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Saturday, 1 January 2005

The Guardian (UK): Letters: Humanity wins out: “It's a wonderful testament to the human spirit to see the millions that the public are donating. It's also good to see that governments are doing their bit. But how much are corporations donating? Companies such as Shell, Microsoft, General Motors and Wal-Mart are richer than many nations and much of their profits are made by the cheap labour of the people in the affected countries.” ( 1 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: City Diary: Friends reunited: “LORD OXBURGH, the newish chairman of Shell, is giving the fourth Greenpeace business lecture later this month, speaking about the giant oil companies and climate change. You might think his position a difficult one. Do you tell your customers to use less of the stuff?” ( 1 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: SHARE OF THE MONTH UPDATE: No need to mind the Gap: “Despite falling oil prices, I am also tightening my grip on shares in Shell, ENI, Premier Oil and Schlumberger. Continued chaos and violence in Iraq, the threat of supply disruption and strong demand for energy from China and India, make the shares must-haves.” ( 1 Jan 05

The Independent (UK): Shares and market report: Gallaher and SSL are tipped for takeover in 2005: “BG, up 2.75p to 354p, was again rumoured to be a likely target for Shell or France's Total. This story did the rounds of dealing rooms in February and sent BG stock soaring. Although the bid failed to materialise, shares in the oil group held on to their gains and went on to touch a high of 380p in October. Whether BG's valuation is now too rich for a predator only time will tell.” ( 1 Jan 05 (Canada): Shell Canada pledges $100,000 for Asian tsunami relief: “The Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies has pledged $3 million US to tsunami disaster relief, and various local and regional fundraising projects are being established by Shell people around the world.” ( Posted 1 Jan 05

Yahoo! Business News: Shell says staff safe in Asian countries affected by tsunami: “The Royal Dutch/Shell Group said the hundreds of employees working at its various offices in the Asian countries affected by by tsunami disaster have been accounted for and are safe.” ( Posted 1 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nigeria Asks Oil Companies To Refine 50% Of Crude Locally: “State-run Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. (NNP.YY) has asked its joint venture partners to start plans to ensure half the crude oil they pump is refined locally by 2006, The Guardian newspaper reported Friday.” ( Posted 1 Jan 05

Sunday, 2 January 2005

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (UK): Oil giants resume Libyan adventure: “Doing business in Libya is like 'kissing a porcupine': “It is expected to face fierce competition from rivals. Royal Dutch/Shell, which signed a landmark agreement with Libya in March, is one. The Anglo-Dutch oil major desperately needs to boost its oil and gas reserves after its shock admission last year that it had overbooked its proven reserves by more than 25 per cent.” ( 2 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (UK): Breaking views: Equity investors must search for solid dividends in 2005:  “A number of large companies fell out of favour with investors in 2004 as a result of management failures, including Marks & Spencer, Shell and Unilever, and now trade at discounts to their peers.” ( 2 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): Agenda: William Lewis: HAPPY NEW YEAR. And what a year it is going to be. I can barely wait for the markets to open. My predictions for where the action will be: “…the Shell oil group will successfully complete its internal merger, and Unilever will follow suit with its own plans to end its dual structure.” ( 2 Jan 05

Monday, 3 January 2005 (United Arab Emirates): Shell, government representatives and NGOS map out potential social responsibility partnerships for 2005: In an unprecedented move, representatives of UAE governments, major NGOs and energy giant Shell have agreed to work towards ways of creating tripartite partnerships in sustainable development initiatives. ( Posted 3 Jan 05

Asia Pulse: IRAN'S ASSALOUYEH TO BOOST PETROCHEMICAL SECTOR: “Talks are underway with the giant international oil company Royal/Dutch Shell over a one-billion-dollar petrochemical project.” ( 3 Jan 05

Business Times (Malaysia): Globalisation presents a challenge: “Domestically, Shell Malaysia's discovery of two new oil fields last year namely Malikai-1 and Gumusut in Sabah will open more engineering supply and service opportunities in 2005.” ( 3 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: After the deluge: Are we obfuscating and proselytising when we should be helping and giving? “IT’S A wonderful testament to the human spirit to see the millions that the public are donating to the tsunami disaster appeal”: “But what about corporations such as Shell, Microsoft, General Motors and Wal-Mart? Many of these are richer than some nations, and many have profits built on the cheap labour of people in the stricken countries.” ( 3 Jan 05

Tuesday, 4 January 2005 (India): Shell chips in with funds for Tsunami relief: Two million dollars will be donated locally and distributed through the local companies in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Malaysia to Tsunami relief funds.”: “An additional one million dollar is being raised through local Shell schemes.” ( 4 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Iraq Oil Ministry Tenders Northern Gas Field Development: “Royal Dutch/Shell (RD, SC) is formulating a master gas plan, aimed at allowing Iraq to use gas more efficiently.” ( Posted 4 Jan 05

Canadian Press: Enbridge completes $US613M acquisition of Shell Gulf of Mexico offshore pipelines: “Enbridge Inc. said Monday it has completed the purchase of a major pipeline system in the Gulf of Mexico from a unit of global energy giant Royal Dutch-Shell. The Calgary energy services company (TSX:ENB) announced that its wholly owned U.S. subsidiary had finalized the purchase of Shell Gas Transmission LLC for $613 million US plus working capital.” ( 4 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Observer: A wagging Dutch finger on Shell: “Royal Dutch/Shell's move to merge its twin Dutch and British holding companies seemed to have satisfied critics of the cumbersome, century-old governance structure when the oil giant unveiled the plan in October. Yet one prominent former employee sees mischief afoot.” ( 4 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: NATURAL RESOURCES: “Even a small dip in the oil price will prompt takeover activity in the energy sector.”: “In Europe, Shell is the most in need of a deal and interest in BG Group is likely to resurface.” ( 4 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: L&G awaits decision on appeal over £1.1m fine: “The FSA is already facing another high-profile tribunal challenge from Sir Philip Watts, the former Shell chairman.” ( 4 Jan 05

Wednesday, 5 January 2005

The Guardian (UK): Shell pulls ad after performance doubts: “Oil giant Shell has been forced to drop a TV commercial extolling the virtues of its latest unleaded fuel after media regulators labelled it misleading. Ofcom upheld a complaint that the claimed performance benefits of the fuel could not be proven to work in all cars and ordered the ad to be taken off air.” ( Posted 5 Jan 05

Daily Telegraph (UK): Shell resumes pumping after settling in Nigeria: “Shell has resolved a dispute with Nigerian villagers which cost the energy company 100,000 barrels a day in lost oil exports.” ( 5 Jan 05 (New Zealand): Shell Ends Month-Long Nigeria Oil Shut-In: “Royal Dutch Shell has ended a dispute over jobs and development with a Nigerian community that had forced it to shut in 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude for a month, a company source said” ( 5 Jan 05

ABC NEWS: Royal Dutch/Shell Cos. Resume Production at Oil Stations Shut Down by Protesters in Nigeria: “Villagers in southern Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta were protesting what they said was a lack of local benefits from more than four decades of oil drilling around their impoverished community...” ( Posted 5 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Nigeria To Restart 119,000 B/D Flow Station Tues: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group Tuesday said it will restart three oil flow stations in the Niger Delta after talks with local villagers ended a standoff that forced the company to delay oil deliveries” ( Posted 5 Jan 05


THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Says Makes Potential Gas Find In Norwegian Sea: “Royal Dutch/Shell (RD) has found "indications of hydrocarbons" at its President gas prospect in the Norwegian Sea, the company said Wednesday, but declined to give details” ( Posted 6 Jan 05 MOSOP Ready to Dialogue With Shell: “Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) yesterday reiterated its position and preparedness for a credible process of dialogue on the possibility of reconciliation between the Federal Government, Shell and the Ogoni people.” ( Posted 6 Jan 05

Financial Times: Woodside links up with Explore: “The decision comes as the once heavily Australia and gas-focused group, in which Royal/Dutch Shell has a 34 per cent stake, has intensified its efforts to diversify internationally and to lift its oil production. Its initial moves into Mauritania have encountered considerable success.” ( 6 Jan 05

Friday, 7 January 2005

DAILY MAIL (UK): One year on and Shell is struggling towards a sea change: “Twelve months after the crisis began to unfold, Shell is at a crossroads. It has begun to take steps to rehabilitate itself with investors, but the jury is still out on whether it can restore its tarnished reputation. ( 7 Jan 05

DAILY MAIL (UK): Bosses play snakes and ladders in the boardroom: “THE cataclysm at Shell has thrown up both winners and losers. The biggest loser is Sir Philip Watts, ousted as chairman last March.” ( 7 Jan 04 Shell - Disclosure following agreement of severance arrangements with Judy Boynton: “Ms Boynton will receive a total severance payment of $1,000,000” ( 7 Jan 04

THE KANSAS CITY STAR: Shell settles Orange County lawsuit over MTBE contamination: “The settlement calls for Shell to pay $14.5 million to conduct tests to determine the amount of methyl tertiary-butyl ether, or MTBE, in the ground at 173 stations, county District Attorney Anthony Rackauckas said Thursday.”: “Shell also is required to pay whatever it costs to clean up the ground at gas stations where the leaks occurred, authorities said.” ( 7 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Conoco to cut estimate at key Canadian oil field: “…reflects the increasing sensitivity to regulatory scrutiny of reserves after the large cuts in reserve estimates made last year by Royal Dutch/Shell.” ( 7 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): Think small and save the world: “The foundation, an independent body with an endowment of $475m from Shell, thinks it has an answer: nurturing small enterprise in poor countries, thus providing a vital link between the market and the poor.”: “What's in it for Shell?” ( 7 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, has restored 22,000 barrels per day (bpd) of oil production in Nigeria…” ( 7 Jan 05

BUSINESS TIMES (Malaysia): Petra Perdana secures deal to support Shell ops: “PETRA Perdana Bhd has secured a RM600 million contract to support Shell companies’ operations in waters off Sarawak and Sabah.” ( 7 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell: 140,000 B/D Draugen Field May Shut Fri On Damage: “Royal Dutch/Shell's (RD) 140,000 barrel Draugen field in the Norwegian Sea may be shut down Friday if continuing bad weather doesn't allow necessary repairs to the platform, the company said Thursday.” ( Posted 7 Jan 05

Saturday, 8 January 2005

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Oil Holds Strong as OPEC Promises Defense: “Royal Dutch Shell, meanwhile, has restored 42,000 bpd of oil production after ending a community dispute in the troubled Niger Delta that had shut in 100,000 bpd for a month.” ( Posted 8 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): Telegraph Motoring: Short cuts: “Shell was censured this week for implying that its 98Ron fuel could provide extra power for all motorists, when in fact only a small number of appropriately tuned cars derive any performance benefit. Ofcom ordered the commercial off the air and called the statement misleading.” ( 8 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell To Pay $14.5M Settlement Over MTBE Leaks In Calif: ( 8 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell's Ex-CFO Boynton To Get $1M Payout ( 8 Jan 05

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Boynton's £1.5m Shell bonanza: “The details of Ms Boynton's leaving package were announced yesterday by the oil and gas group, in time for her 50th birthday tomorrow. She was one of three directors to lose their jobs last year after Shell's reserves debacle.” ( 8 Jan 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Demoted Executive Quits Shell, Taking $1 Million in Severance: “The Royal Dutch/Shell Group said on Friday that Judith Boynton, who was demoted as chief financial officer last year after a sharp write-down in oil reserve estimates, left the company last week with a $1 million severance package.”: “She will…, receive £1.32 million ($2.47 million) in pension, shares and options this year.” ( 8 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: $1m payoff for Shell's ousted finance chief: "Ms Boynton joins Sir Philip Watts, Shell’s former chairman, and Walter van de Vijver, the former head of oil exploration, in receiving big payoffs to compensate for their forced resignations.": "Mr van de Vijver received £2.5 million while Sir Philip was paid £1 million. “However, it is likely to infuriate Shell shareholders, who have been angered by the Anglo-Dutch company’s handling of the reserves scandal. One shareholder described Ms Boynton’s payoff as “totally unjustified”, while others said that it was another example of executives being rewarded for failure.”: “Shell has already paid £83 million worth of fines to British and US stock market regulators as a penalty for offences of market abuse and violation of securities laws relating to the scandal." ( 8 Jan 05

London Evening Standard: Boynton quits Shell with £1m-plus: JUDY Boynton, former chief finance officer at Shell, today finally quit the company with a pay-off and pension package of more than £1m despite her role in the oil reserves scandal.: “Watts received a £1.05m pay-off and £10m pension pot while van de Vijver received a £2.5m pay-off.” ( Posted 8 Jan 05 (Australia): Scandal-hit oil exec gets severance pay: “The Royal Dutch/Shell Group says it gave a STG520,000 ($A1.3 million) severance package to its former finance chief, who quit with two other senior executives last year in the wake of the company's oil reserves scandal.” ( 8 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): Shell finance director walks away with $1m: “Shell, which is battling to restore its credibility in the wake of the scandal, said Judy Boynton would receive the severance package after her departure from the group on December 31.” ( 8 Jan 05

BBC NEWS: $1m payoff for former Shell boss: The scandal rocked investor confidence”: “Despite receiving an email from Mr Van de Vijver which said the firm had "fooled" the market about its reserves, the investigation said, she did nothing to inquire further. In all, Shell restated its reserves four times during 2003. In September, it paid £82.7m in fines to regulators on both sides of the Atlantic for violating market rules in its reporting of its reserves.” ( 8 Jan 05

Los Angeles Times: Suit Settled in Fuel Leaks: “Oil giant Shell has agreed to pay an "unlimited" amount to fund underground cleanup of its contaminated Orange County gas stations, a total that could exceed $170 million, prosecutors said Thursday.” ( Posted 8 Jan 05

Yahoo! News: Shell Shuts Down Production in Oil Field: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos. said Friday that it shut down its 140,000-barrel per day Draugen offshore oil field because of damage to its oil-loading equipment.” ( Posted 8 Jan 05

Sunday, 9 January 2005

The Observer: Why you need to be sure about Shell: “This year, the oil company Royal Dutch Shell will become a completely British company, incorporated here, rather than a dual-listed operation split 60-40 between the Netherlands and Britain.” ( 9 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): UK firms praised over aid to tsunami victims: “Other donors include Wolseley, the plumbing group, Royal Dutch/Shell and Cable & Wireless, the telecommunications company.” ( 9 Jan 05

Monday, 10 January 2005 Jilin province partners with Shell to exploit oil shale: “Northeast China's Jilin Province will partner with Shell Exploration Company B.V., a subsidiary of Royal Dutch/Shell Group, to exploit oil shale…”: “China is estimated to have the fourth largest oil shale deposits in the world at 31.57 billion tons, after the United States, Brazil and Russia.” ( 10 Jan 05

AFX Europe (Focus): Shell to increase gas stations in China – report: “Anglo-Dutch oil giant Royal Dutch/Shell aims to double the number of its gas stations on the Chinese mainland, excluding Jiangsu Province, each year in the next few years to capitalize on China's booming oil fuel retail market, the China Daily reported.” ( 10 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: After a vintage year for oil where will Lord Browne take BP next?: “TNK delivers low-priced oil from old wells in western Siberia — not hugely profitable but a big boost to BP’s output and a snub to Shell, whose production is declining. Shell failed to make similar acquisitions and has paid the price with dwindling reserves and output.”: “One cannot help wondering if Lord Browne might be working feverishly on a colossus of a deal if the oil price were $15, instead of $45. But the BP chief doesn’t waste time in idle speculation.” ( 10 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: City policeman's lot is not a happy one: “…the regulator swiftly completed high-profile investigations such as last year's review of insider dealing allegations at Marks and Spencer and Royal Dutch/ Shell's reserves debacle.” ( 10 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): UK carbon output revision threatens trading scheme: “The ETS was launched on January 1, with the first deal (on forward credits) between Shell and the mining group BHP Billiton executed three days later in London…” ( 10 Jan 05

Business Times (Malaysia): UK investments in Malaysia to focus on services sector: “Oil and gas is another major sector which has seen strong participation from companies like Shell, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is investing US$1 million (US$1 = RM3.80) a day into developing oil and gas fields and downstream activities, mainly off Sarawak. It invested US$400 million in the previous year.” ( 10 Jan 05

Tuesday, 11 January 2005

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Energy-Price Volatility Returns Due to Output Outages, Weather: “strong winds last week damaged a structure used by Royal Dutch/Shell Group to load tankers at the Draugen field in the Norwegian Sea. Shell shut down the field's 140,000-barrel-a-day output Friday after bad weather kept it from repairing the structure”: “…the company still had 72,000 barrels a day off line in Nigeria, despite an agreement last week between government officials and local protesters to lift an effective ban on production in one area of the Niger Delta. A separate, unrelated protest has recently shut down another 7,000 barrels a day of Shell oil from Nigeria…” ( 11 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: “Shell, the UK oil giant, has halted 140,000 barrels of daily production at its Draugen field in the North Sea because stormy weather is hampering platform repair work.” ( 11 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Stop Press: “Shell disposal: Royal Dutch/Shell continued its disposal of non-core assets with the sale of a 70,000 barrels-per-day refinery in California. The oil giant, which is disposing of assets no longer deemed strategic, has agreed a deal to sell the refinery to a private company.” ( 11 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): Northern Foods keeps to form by issuing profit alert: “Pat O'Driscoll, the new chief executive of Northern Foods, kept up an old habit when she issued a profit warning with her first major trading statement.”: “Asked whether bad luck had followed her from her previous employer, which has just been through its worst period in 100 years, she said: "I hope I have not brought the curse of Shell with me." ( 11 Jan 05

The Guardian: Davies finds a Seoul mate: “Shell has long been a master of the public relations gaffe, but few compare with the one aired on Saturday evening television, following a candid interview on climate change with likable company chairman Lord Oxburgh. Channel 4 presenter Marcel Theroux told millions of viewers that after his interview he had asked Shell's PR staff when Lord O would retire: "Not soon enough" was the reported answer. ( 11 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): City diary: Keep a close eye on the minder: “A Channel 4 programme last Saturday, The End of the World as We Know It, featured an interview with the outgoing Shell chairman Lord Oxburgh.”: …interviewer Marcel Theroux… asked Oxburgh's minder when he was due to retire. "Not soon enough" came the reply…” ( 11 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Could a Major Acquisition Rev Up Shell?: “The oil patch is abuzz over the possibility of deep-pocketed Chinese energy companies striking big takeover deals in the sector. But some industry watchers are keeping an eye on another possible suitor: Royal Dutch/Shell Group.”: “One possible fit: Unocal.”: “Shell faces obstacles, most notably its lack of credibility in the wake of the reserves scandal and other recent missteps.” ( Posted 11 Jan 05 Shell's Bakersfield refinery sold to Flying- Oil ( 11 Jan 05 Royal Dutch/Shell Review Media Buying to Consolidate Global Account: “Shell's media budget is estimated at $300 million.” ( 11 Jan 05

Vanguard (Nigeria): Shell, ChevTex hand over oil fields to NPDC: “Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) and ChevronTexaco Company have handed over the operation of some of the Joint Venture (JV) oil fields to the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company” ( 11 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell: Shut-In Nigeria Oil Ops Running At 36% Capacity ( Posted 11 Jan 05

Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Yahoo! News: Shell declines comment on Repsol bid report: “The Royal Dutch/Shell Group declined to comment on a newspaper report claiming it is considering a bid for Spanish oil giant Repsol YPF” ( 12 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): Cairn gushes after gas find in India: “The latest success builds on a string of finds in Rajasthan last year on acreage it bought for a song from Shell.” ( 12 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Shell talks to buyout firms over sale of liquefied gas business: “The struggling oil company is thought to be holding preliminary discussions with several interested parties…”: “Shell was forced to reduce the number of its reported proved oil reserves by nearly a third last year, through five downgrades, leaving it with about 13.5 billion barrels. The company also gave warning that there could be a further downgrade because it was only about 60 per cent the way through auditing its reserves, using its revised guidelines.” ( 12 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the oil major, is in talks with Texas Pacific and Bain Capital, the US buyout groups, which could lead to the sale of its liquefied petroleum gas business for an estimated $3 billion (£1.6 billion).” ( 12 Jan 05

AFX Europe (Focus): Royal Dutch/Shell considering 23 eur/share bid for Repsol YPF – report ( 12 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nigeria Govt Revokes 24 Oil Licenses: “The Nigerian government has revoked development rights for 24 undeveloped oil blocks and will offer them again in the country's next major oil licensing round, an official of the country's oil industry regulatory agency said Tuesday. The blocks had been awarded to oil majors including Royal Dutch/Shell Group…” ( Posted 12 Jan 05

Daily News (Sri Lanka): Shell donates Rs. 50 m for disaster relief: “This donation is part of Shell Group's overall commitment to the tsunami affected countries in the region.” ( 12 Jan 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Shell Oil to Sell a California Refinery: ``We're pleased to reach this sale agreement, which we recognize is important to many people in Bakersfield and beyond,'' said Lynn Laverty Elsenhans, president of Shell Oil California.” ( 12 Jan 05

Thursday, 13 January 2005 EMAIL CIRCULATED TO UK Members of Parliament: Subject: An anomaly in civil law could impact on one of your constituents: “The Judge made the point in his “Judges Comments” that my son could not withdraw his action against Shell without leave of the court. Mr Justice Laddie apparently believed that the two settlement documents put to him for approval detailed the terms of settlement.  In fact there was a third document containing the REAL terms of settlement. This was withheld from him by Shell in line with their normal corporate culture of cover-up and deception as was revealed to a shocked world by the reserves scandal involving the same senior Shell management.” 13 Jan 05

BruneiDirect: Brunei Shell Companies Donate $750,000 To Tsunami Fund: “Some $190,000 of the amount will be donated to the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) following discussions with the National Tsunami Relief Fund companies.” ( 13 Jan 05

BBC NEWS: Shell Norway move may 'cost jobs': “Oil company Shell has announced it is to start transporting supplies from Norway to its North Sea rigs sparking union fears over Scottish jobs” ( 13 Jan 05

Yahoo! News: Sinopec, Shell joint venture starts operating China petrol stations: “China Petroleum and Chemical Corp (Sinopec Corp) has a 60 pct share in the joint venture, with Shell China Holdings BV and Shell (China) Ltd holding the remaining 40 pct.” ( 13 Jan 05

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Yawns to die for: “Directors at Royal Dutch/Shell would kill for that reaction when they make their next announcement on oil reserves…” ( 13 Jan 05

Philippine Daily Inquirer: IN THE KNOW: “Shell discovered the Malampaya gas field which was linked to the Camago fields.”: “Malampaya has gas reserves of about 2.7 trillion cubic feet. It is expected to reduce the country's oil import bill of $3 billion by $700 million.” ( 13 Jan 05

Lloyds List: India digs in over Shell bid to ship LNG to Hazira: “INDIA has rejected a Royal Dutch'Shell proposal to use its own vessels for transporting 2.5m tonnes of LNG a year into the oil giant's receiving terminal at Hazira, on the Gujarat coast.” ( 13 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Basell suitors make joint offer: “Four private equity firms have teamed up to make a joint bid for Basell, the petrochemicals business owned by BASF and Royal Dutch/Shell. The offer could value Basell at about €4bn ($5.2bn).”: “The company has promised to spend $15bn a year on capital investment as it looks to recover from last year's reserves scandal.” ( 13 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Nigeria: 8,000 B/D Output Shut In After New Unrest: “Angry villagers have raided a small oil platform in the Niger Delta, forcing Royal Dutch/Shell Group (RD SC) to close the 8,000 barrel a day flow station, a company spokesman said Wednesday” ( Posted 13 Jan 05

Yahoo! News Aisa: Shell, Bechtel Shortlist 6 For InterGen JV Sale –Sources: “The move is part of an effort by Shell to raise up to $12 billion by 2006, mostly via asset sales.” ( Posted 13 Jan 05

OIL&GAS JOURNAL: Plains All American Pipeline Acquires South Louisiana Assets From Shell ( Posted 13 Jan 05 Shell Advances into BSB.: “Shell Advance recently announced its intention to sponsor British team Rizla Suzuki, heralding the brands first venture to sponsor a Superbike team in the British chamionship.” ( Posted 13 Jan 05

Yahoo! News: Shell Shock, Yield Winner: “Twelve months have passed since Shell (LSE: SHEL) owned up to incorrectly categorising four billion barrels of oil.” ( 13 Jan 05

Friday, 14 January 2005

Yahoo! News: Shell Hopes to Restart Platform Production: “Hundreds of men, women and children stormed oil platforms to demand a greater share of oil wealth in the protests…” ( 14 Jan 05 Shell reopens oil stations in Nigeria: "The Anglo-Dutch energy group Shell has reopened all its oil pumping stations shut down last month because of community unrest in southern Nigeria, a spokesman has said." ( 14 Jan 05

Bangkok Post – Thailand: Shell Autoservice projects 10% rise in sales: “In 2004, the company posted sales of 1.1 billion baht, up 8.5% from the year before, and added 100,000 new customers, raising its customer base to one million.” ( 14 Jan 05 Shell Employees Honor Dr. King's Legacy With Day of Service: “On Monday, January 17, more than 150 Shell Oil Company (Shell) and Motiva Enterprises LLC (Motiva) employees will participate in the 8th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service in Houston” ( 14 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, said that the US Securities and Exchange Commission had lifted a ban on it buying back its shares. The ban had come into place when Shell announced its planned restructuring in October.” ( 14 Jan 05

THE FINANCIAL TIMES: Shell could restore share buy-backs: “The company only returned $1.7bn (£900m) to shareholders last year, while rival BP took advantage of record oil prices to return $7.5bn. Shell will find it difficult to compete with BP as it tries to spend its way out of its reserves crisis.“ ( 14 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: French call for common standards: “Scandals such as Parmalat, the Italian dairy company that collapsed under €14bn ($18.5bn) of debt; Ahold, the Dutch retailer; and Royal Dutch/Shell's reserves debacle have given European corporate governance reforms fresh impetus.” ( 14 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: FSA to look at AI share movements: “Over recent months, the FSA has taken a more aggressive approach to irregularities, publicising more frequently when it is formally investigating companies, and fining miscreants. In December, it announced its biggest fine against an individual - £290,000 from entrepreneur and former investment banker Robert Bonnier; and in August its biggest fine against a company - £17m from Shell.” ( 14 Jan 05

Asia Pulse: NO TALKS ON SHELL STAKE IN AUSTRALIA'S WOODSIDE: MINISTER: “Energy Minister Ian Macfarlane Thursday said he was not aware of any approaches by a foreign party to buy Royal Dutch/Shell's stake in oil and gas producer Woodside Petroleum Ltd” ( 14 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Norway Oil Indus Can Expect EUR1B Tax Rebate -E&Y: “"This decision by the Norwegian Supreme Court now opens the door for oil companies, including the majors, to follow Shell's lead and seek repayment of past taxes," said Derek Leith, the head of Ernst & Young's oil and gas taxation.” ( Posted 14 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell, Bechtel Set Shortlist of Buyers For Power Venture: "The move is part of an effort by Shell to raise as much as $12 billion, or about €9 billion, by 2006, mostly through asset sales": ( Posted 14 Jan 05. Shell Restores 65,000 Bpd Crude Production: “Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) announced yesterday that it has been able to restart three of its oil flowstations shut down in the Niger Delta…” ( Posted 14 Jan 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Shell Shuts Down More Nigerian Oil Output: “Protesting villagers have forced the Nigerian subsidiary of Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos. to cut oil output in the volatile Niger Delta, hampering efforts by the Anglo-Dutch oil company to recover from earlier protests last month, a company spokesman said Thursday” ( Posted 14 Jan 05

Saturday, 15 January 2005

FINANCIAL TIMES: Shell and BP win contracts in Iraq: “Shell, the Anglo-Dutch energy group, has been invited to take part in a project to work out how more oil can be extracted from the Kirkuk field in northern Iraq, which has been in operation since 1927.” ( 15 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: BP and Shell establish new toehold in Iraqi oil industry: “BP AND Royal Dutch/Shell have taken their first tentative steps towards rebuilding their presence in oil-rich Iraq after yesterday signing consultancy contracts with the interim government.” ( 15 Jan 05

The Guardian: Inside track: Shell UK: “Shell operates in more than 145 countries, and employs more than 119,000 people. The company is also involved in generating electricity, including wind power, and producing solar panels; producing petrochemicals that are used for plastics, coatings and detergents; and developing technology for hydrogen vehicles.” ( 15 Jan 05

Irish Times: Shell may go to court as Corrib land talks falter: “Shell E&P Ireland may seek a court injunction to gain access to land needed for the Corrib gas pipeline after talks broke down this week with north Mayo landowners.” ( 15 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): Honest John's Agony column: “Most readers report improvements on Optimax, but Ofcom has censured Shell for claiming performance benefits.” ( 15 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shut-In Nigeria Oil Flow Stations Restarted –Shell: “Royal Dutch/Shell has reopened the last of five oil flow stations in the Niger Delta shut-in during a dispute with local villagers, a company spokesman said Friday.” ( 15 Jan 05

London Evening Standard: “OIL GIANT Shell may be off to sunny Spain to boost its depleted oil and gas reserves. At least, that was the whisper in the Square Mile today after reports that the troubled group may be lining up a multi-billion takeover of Repsol.”: "Shell is still getting to grips with the fallout from last year's oil reserves fiasco which resulted in more than 20% wiped off its book value and heads rolling in the boardroom" ( Posted 15 Jan 05 Shell Waves Olive Branch to Niger Deltans: “MULTINATIONAL Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) has set for itself, the task of rebuilding its image among its often angry host communities, especially the Ogoni.” ( Posted 15 Jan 05 Shell Joins Evaluation Study of Iraq's Kirkuk Oilfield: “Shell will lend its expertise in exploiting both mature and development fields, as well as providing training for Iraqi oil industry workers, said the group in a press release.” ( Posted 15 Jan 05

Sunday, 16 January 2005

THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK): Shell chief's warning over nuclear waste: “Britain will not have learnt the lesson of the Indian Ocean tsunami if the Government continues to drag its feet over nuclear waste storage policy, Shell's chairman has warned.” ( 16 Jan 05

Angola Press (Africa): Shell reopens closed stations in southern Nigeria: “The Anglo-Dutch energy group Shell has reopened all its oil pumping stations shut down last month because of community unrest in southern Nigeria, a spokesman told AFP.” ( 16 Jan 05

Angola Press (Africa): Shell Hopes to Restart Platform Production: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos.`s Nigerian subsidiary hopes to restart operations quickly at all oil platforms where output was cut off after demonstrations last month, a spokesman for the company said Friday.” ( 16 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell US Appointment Latest Step To Rebuild Reputation: “Shell's reputation nose-dived in the wake of its announcement… that it was slashing its oil and gas reserves… While new disclosures about the scandal have proven embarrassing… Shell profits have continued to soar with high commodity prices, enabling the company's shares to outperform those of other scandal-ridden companies.”: "One of his key functions will be to rebuild the reputation of the company.": "Although Shell's reserves scandal has dominated news about the company, the company has also suffered some recent missteps in the U.S. ( Posted 16 Jan 05

Monday, 17 January 2005

Houston Chronicle: Shell Oil awaits a new leader: U.S. chairman will seek to rebuild company's image: “As part of the Royal Dutch-Shell Group of Companies' continued management shuffle, it is installing a new U.S. country chairman, John Hofmeister…”: “widely credited with hiring Judy Boynton, the former chief financial officer who was tainted in the reserves accounting scandal that inflated Shell's oil and natural gas assets. She was finally dropped this month, albeit with a $1 million severance package. Boynton joined Shell in 2001 after leaving as vice president of Polaroid. A few months later, Polaroid filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and angry shareholders accused her of manipulating the company's finances to appear better than they actually were.” ( Posted 17 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): Watchdog in the dock: “Shortly after former Shell chairman Sir Philip Watts took his case to the tribunal last October, the FSA chairman admitted appeals were slowing down the regulatory process.”: “Mr Hopper, who is representing the ex-Shell chairman in his case against the regulator, sees it another way. ”Any law enforcement agency that wins all its cases is not doing its job properly." ( 17 Jan 05

The Guardian: The path back to trust, truth and integrity: "Corporate social responsibility can be defined in lots of different ways, most of which have something to do with integrity.": “When Shell tried to dump an oil rig in the North Sea, it met a storm of protest.” ( 17 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Diplomacy: Why energy security is top priority: ““Within a week you had Tony Blair and the chairman of Shell in Tripoli.” ( 17 Jan 05

Financial Times: Retail investment: Extending forecourt services: “The award of fuel marketing rights to, among others, Shell and Reliance Industries, coincides with the rise of Indian consumerism” ( 17 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Cairn Energy: Indian adventure pays dividends: “Estimates for the whole of the Rajasthan exploration block range from 1.5bn and 2.5bn barrels of oil”: “His and Mr Gammell’s hunch that the area had been underexplored – they bought the Rajasthan block from Royal Dutch/Shell for $12.5m – has been borne out so far” ( 17 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: India and China: Two titans adopt different strategies on energy policy: “Last October, ONGC’s bid to purchase half of the offshore Block 18 in Angola from Royal Dutch/Shell was spectacularly scuppered by the Chinese, who used a $2bn aid package to convince the Angolan government that it should buy the same block instead.” ( 17 Jan 05

New Straits Times (Malaysia): TV3 steps on the gas: “HAVING received tremendous response from viewers in its first season, TV3's Destinasi Selera Bersama Shell Gas makes a comeback for the second season…”: “Brought exclusively by Shell Gas Malaysia, the programme attained more than one million viewers in the previous season. This time, it will feature a "traditional dishes and local culture" travelogue concept.” ( 17 Jan 05

AFX Europe (Focus): BP, Shell to analyse oilfields in Iraq, train Iraqi engineers ( 17 Jan 05

Irish Times: Shell wants Commercial Court to rule on gas field: “Opponents of the Corrib gas project in north Mayo are considering an application by Shell E&P Ireland to have two judicial reviews transferred to the High Court's Commercial Court.” ( 17 Jan 05

Tuesday, 18 January 2005

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Royal Dutch / Shell Seeks New Engineers: “The scandal cost the company almost $150 million in fines imposed by U.S. and British regulators and led to the sacking of three senior executives.” ( 18 Jan 05

FORBES: Royal Dutch/Shell to Hire 1,000 Engineers: “The scandal cost the company almost US$150 million in fines imposed by U.S. and British regulators and led to the sacking of three senior executives.”: “Analysts are also waiting to discover whether Shell will reclassify its reserves for the fifth time since last January when it announces its annual results on Feb. 3.” ( 18 Jan 05 Shell to Boost Technical Staff: “The move was disclosed in an internal newsletter and comes as investors wait to discover whether Shell will reclassify its reserves for the fifth time since last January.” ( 18 Jan 05

Yahoo! News: Shell to recruit extra engineers to restore good name: report: “Shell is struggling to win back investors' trust after admitting last year it had overstated its proven reserves by 23 percent, and that senior executives were aware of problems long before they were made public.” ( 18 Jan 05 Shell US Appointment Latest Step To Rebuild Reputation: “Shell's reputation nose-dived in the wake of its announcement one year ago that it was slashing its oil and gas reserves by more than one-fifth.” ( 18 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Shell jobs drive to restore name: “Royal Dutch/Shell is planning to hire more than 1,000 engineers for its core exploration and production business in a bid to restore the credibility of its oil and gas reserves accounting.”: “The move, disclosed in an internal newsletter, also appears to support the view of some people close to the company who believe technical shortcomings played a part in the scandal, as well as management failings. ( 18 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Canada Provides Fourth Quarter 2004 Interim Update ( Posted 18 Jan 05

CBC News (Canada): Shell Canada taking $128M in Q4 charges ( Posted 18 Jan 05

Yahoo! Business News: Japan's Showa Shell 2005 pretax profit to fall 25 pct – report ( 18 Jan 05

Wednesday, 19 January 2005

FINANCIAL TIMES: Black gold: “Royal Dutch/Shell's drive to recruit more than 1,000 engineers in exploration and production (EP), revealed in yesterday's FT, has an added wrinkle in the US…” ( 19 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Big potential profits outweigh high risks: “The reserves problem is just one of a host of issues facing Shell in Nigeria as it tries to restore its stock market reputation. ( 19 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: FSA sounds warning of threat from international regulation: “Also pending before the tribunal is the case of Sir Philip Watts, former chairman of Royal Dutch/Shell, who claims he was "identified and prejudiced" when the FSA fined the oil company £17m for its conduct during the debacle over the size of its reserves.” ( 19 Jan 05

The Guardian: Energy: Shell hires 1,000 more engineers: “Auditors have questioned the status of 900m barrels of oil and gas stocks and Shell is expected to provide an update alongside its annual results on February 3.” ( 19 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Shell outlines strategy to restore its reputation: "Many investors blamed the reserves scandal on a lack of direct lines of responsibility, a criticism that led to the dismantling of the company's century-old, dual-board structure in October." ( 19 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Group might miss flare deadline: “Royal Dutch/Shell might miss a high-profile Nigerian official target to end the environmentally damaging practice of burning off waste gas by 2008, according to the troubled oil group's joint top Africa-based executive.”: “Shell's performance in Nigeria is critical to attempts to restore its fortunes after the disastrous 4.47bn barrel write-down in proven reserves last year. Nigeria accounts for an estimated 10 per cent of Shell's worldwide production” ( 19 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell US Appointment Latest Step To Rebuild Reputation: “Shell's reserves scandal has dominated news about the company…” ( Posted 19 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Plans Huge Increase in Engineer Ranks: “The scandal prompted the departure of top executives and a long-resisted corporate restructuring”  ( 19 Jan 05

Thursday, 20 January 2005

DAILY MAIL (UK): City & Finance: Shell to recruit 1,000 engineers: "SHELL is recruiting 1,000 more engineers to beef up the business at the centre of lasts year's reserves scandal." ( Posted 20 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: BP aims to abandon share option incentives: “…Royal Dutch/ Shell has requested a meeting with City investors to discuss the introduction of new remuneration policies. The size of executive bonuses used to be partially linked to the level of the company's reserves but that pay scheme was abandoned last year following the embarrassing downgrades of its oil and gas stocks.” ( 20 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Market Insight: Soaring infrastructure costs will keep crude price aloft: “The drive to find new assets lies at the heart of Shell's troubles over the past 12 months” ( 20 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): Eager suitors line up for First Calgary ( 20 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK): The Questor column: First Calgary riding high: “While Cairn wants to exploit its new found black gold in India alone, First Calgary is likely to be bought by the likes of Shell or Total, making a glorious end to a share price graph which has shot up like an old fashioned gusher since listing in July 2002.” ( 20 Jan 05

AFX Europe (Focus): Shell and Total in race for First Calgary - report ( 20 Jan 05

Financial Express (India): Shell plans to launch Hazira terminal by March: “Oil major Shell plans to operationalise its LNG import terminal and all weather port at Hazira by March this year.” ( 20 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell: Nigeria Oil Production Near Normal After Trouble: “Nigeria's biggest oil producer Royal Dutch/Shell (RD SC) expects oil production to return to normal soon after weeks of outages caused by vandalism and community disputes…”: “The supply disruptions forced Shell to declare force majeure on delays to oil shipments by a week or more. The force majeure remains in effect.” ( Posted 20 Jan 05 Shell Suffers a Setback in Sakhalin: “A Royal Dutch/Shell Group-led venture that plans to sell liquefied natural gas, or LNG, to Asia suffered a setback when a Russian court cancelled environmental approval for part of the project…” ( Posted 20 Jan 05

Friday, 21 January 2005

FINANCIAL TIMES: Companies seek directors' cover: “…Royal Dutch/ Shell's overstatement of reserves as well as events at Parmalat were expected to result in claims under directors' and officers' policies” ( 21 Jan 05

CityWire: Morgan prefers Shell to BP: ( Posted 21 Jan 05 

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nigeria Oil Union Threatens Strike In S Oil Region ( Posted 21 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Moody's Reports: West European Oil Rtgs Driven By Oil Price, Shareholder Returns In '05: “During 2004, Moody's took 11 rating actions (excluding multiple actions) on European oil companies, of which only two were downwards: one was the downgrade of Royal Dutch Shell's rating to Aa1…” ( Posted 21 Jan 05

Saturday, 22 January 2005

Irish Independent: Landowners warned in pipeline row: “WARNING letters were delivered yesterday by Shell E&P Ireland to a small number of landowners denying company staff access to lands designated for gas pipeline.”: “The company is now threatening to seek a court injunction.” ( 22 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH (UK) MOTORING: Diesel's a gas: Meanwhile in Europe, Shell is working on its cleanest ever diesel, says Andrew English  ( 22 Jan 05

Media Week: Shell in image drive: “CNBC Europe, BBC World and The Wall Street Journal are among the media partners working with Shell International on a new branding campaign.” ( Posted 22 Jan 05

TruckingInfo:com: Shell Lubricants Grants One Wish, Donates $100,000 to Make-A-Wish Foundation ( Posted 22 Jan 05

LONDON EVENING STANDARD: CITYSPY: TROUBLE ahead for Unilever.: “The City has had enough of the convoluted structure that served the likes of the food brands giant and Shell for years, and is champing at the bit for a wholesale rethink. Shell is under the knife and Unilever is next. The catalyst in Shell's case was the reserves writedown scandal.” ( Posted 22 Jan 05

Sunday, 23 January 2005

THE NEW YORK TIMES: A Peaceful Place, Still Ready to Fight (a Gas Plant): “Broadwater Energy, a partnership formed for the project by TransCanada Corporation of Calgary and Shell U.S. Gas and Power of Houston, an affiliate of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, is proposing to build what could become the first offshore liquefied natural-gas facility.” ( 23 Jan 05

The Sunday Observer (UK): Shell reserves shortfall 'even worse than feared': Internal audit expected to downgrade another 500m barrels ( 23 Jan 05

The Independent On Sunday (UK): 'Inquisitors' and 'gangsters': City watchdog savaged by splits broker: “It faces further costly appeals from the likes of the former Shell chairman, Sir Philip Watts.” ( 22 Jan 05 TOTAL TO LAUNCH A TAKEOVER BID FOR ROYAL DUTCH SHELL?????

DAILY MAIL (UK): CITY & FINANCE: Total takeover gossip pumps up Shell price: ALMOST 100m shares in oil giant Shell were traded as a slick takeover rumour made dealers sit up and take notice. The close was 10%p higher at a year's peak of 456p amid growing speculation that Total of France, the world's fourth largest oil and gas company, is lining up a cash offer.”: “It is not the first time that Shell and Total have been mentioned in the same breath, but informed sources yesterday suggested that something really could be afoot this time…” Posted 23 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): Focus: On top of the world: “Shell faces questions as to whether it can survive at its current size. It was forced to cut about one-third of its proven oil reserves last year and is expected to announce further cuts when it releases its annual results next month. Like BP in the early 1990s, Shell must find huge new reserves if it is to survive. These difficulties have led many to speculate whether Shell is ripe for a takeover, but BP and Total, the French oil giant, are unlikely to move on their rival unless invited to do so by the board of Shell itself.” ( 23 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): HOW THE BIG FOUR COMPARE: “Royal Dutch/Shell has proven reserves of about 14.4 billion barrels of oil equivalent. This figure may change, however, when the company announces its final revision next month following the accounting scandal last year when it was forced to cut about a third from its total reserves.” ( 23 Jan 05

Monday, 24 January 2005 Sibneft/Shell Global Solutions agreement reached.: “Sibneft and Shell Global Solutions signed an agreement on the launching of the program aimed to provide technical servicing of Omsky Refinery as a part of the long term plan of the plant's development, Sibneft informed” ( 24 Jan05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Failure of strategy dates back 10 years: “Shell's announcement of plans to seek more than 1,000 engineers (report, January 18) generated remarkably little comment. It raises important questions, both for Shell and others.”: “Nobody has yet asked how Shell got into this situation in the first place.” ( 24 Jan 05

Irish Times: Shell ultimatum to landowners over pipeline: “Shell E&P Ireland has issued a seven-day ultimatum to a group of north Mayo landowners to allow the company to lay the Corrib gas pipeline through their property.”: “Ms Maura Harrington, spokeswoman for the Erris residents, described Shell's action at the weekend as "bullying tactics". ( 24 Jan 05

The Independent (UK): RBS board split over candidates for chairman: “…he will face competition from Sir John Kerr, a former high-flying diplomat and a director of Shell…”: “He chairs the steering committee at Shell that is overseeing a review of its board structure, after a scandal over the size of its oil reserves.” ( 24 Jan 05

Times of Oman: Shell Oman Lube Clinic launched: “Shell Lube Clinic has proved its success/value globally and the team is confidant that in Oman too it will receive overwhelming response.” ( 24 Jan 05

THE BUSINESS (EU): European oil giants gain on Big Three: “What could really bring Total and Eni into line with their Anglo-Saxon rivals, though, would be a transforming acquisition”: “Any sale of Total's $10bn stake in pharmaceuticals firm Sanofi, meanwhile, could fund an acquisition large enough to take the company well beyond Shell in reserves terms…” ( Posted 24 Jan 05

Yahoo! News: Norway's Statkraft wants to buy Royal Dutch/Shell Cologne power plant – report: “- Norway's Statkraft SF is close to buying Royal Dutch/Shell's planned power plant near Cologne for an undisclosed amount” ( 24 Jan 05

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

The Guardian (UK): BP chief's remarks enrage Iran: Oil minister lashes out as Lord Browne says country is not fit for investment: “…while US firms such as ExxonMobil and ChevronTexaco have steered clear, other European majors such as Shell and Total have been pushing ahead with projects.” ( 25 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Buyout firm is latest suitor for Shell's liquefied gas arm: “BC PARTNERS, the buyout group, yesterday emerged as the latest suitor for Royal Dutch/Shell’s liquefied petroleum gas business, which is expected to be sold for up to $3 billion (£1.6 billion), The Times has learnt.” ( 25 Jan 05

Accountancy Age: Shell shortfall worse than feared: “Embattled petroleum giant Royal Dutch/Shell is expected to announce massive oil reserve downgrades - including one of almost 150 million barrels from Canada alone - as it reaches the conclusion of its internal audit and prepares for its results, due for release on 3 February.”: “The huge shortfall in reserves is one of a series of catastrophic announcements that has blighted Shell over the past 12 months.” ( Posted 25 Jan 05

The Miami Herald: GM, Shell Oil to bring fuel-cell vehicles to New York ( Posted 25 Jan 05 (USA): GM, Shell Bringing Fuel Cell Vehicles and Fueling to NY ( Posted 25 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Seeking Higher 2005 Capital Budget From PdVSA: “Royal Dutch/Shell is in talks with Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. after the Venezuelan national oil company proposed a capital budget that is smaller than what the Anglo-Dutch oil giant wants…” ( Posted 25 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: GM Announces Joint Effort To Bring Fuel Cell Vehicles To NY: “…the Detroit-based auto maker said it will supply the state of New York with about 40 fuel-cell-powered minivans and sport-utility vehicles, while Shell will supply the hydrogen refueling capabilities…” ( Posted 25 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell To Provide Refinery Mgmt Services To Sibneft: “Sibneft said it had awarded Shell Global Solutions a four-year contract to provide operational and technical services support for the refinery as part of an overall performance improvement program.” ( Posted 25 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell's LPG Unit Draws Interest Beyond Private-Equity Firms: “The sale of Royal Dutch/Shell Group's liquefied petroleum-gas unit is attracting interest beyond private-equity firms, with Repsol YPF SA, BP PLC and Total SA looking at it, individuals familiar with the talks said. They said the asset is potentially valued at more than $3 billion” ( Posted 25 Jan 05

Wednesday, 26 January 2005

FINANCIAL TIMES: Shaken up by heavyweight Shell ( 26 Jan 05

The Scotsman: Windfall Tax Will Jeopardise Jobs, Warns Shell: “Shell’s UK chairman James Smith was today giving evidence to the House of Commons’ trade and industry select committee which is conducting an inquiry into high gas and electricity prices.”: “Committee chairman Martin O’Neill said rising oil prices had put Shell’s profits “beyond the dreams of avarice”. ( 26 Jan 05

London Evening Standard: Gas prices fight goes to MPs: “A 20% LEAP in household energy prices is down to shady dealings in the gas market, a committee of MPs will be told today.”: “An official inquiry into 'strange behaviour' at some North Sea fields involving Centrica, BP and Shell, and whether gasflows to the UK were held back to engineer higher prices, continues.” ( Posted 26 Jan 05 Local protest blocks oil delivery in Nigeria: Shell: “Despite living on top of this multi-billion dollar resource, the vast majority of Nigeria's 130-million-strong population lives in abject poverty, with three-quarters of the people struggling on less than one dollar per day.” ( Posted 26 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: LNG Quickly Joining Oil As Major US Energy Import: “Shell is involved in several LNG import facility projects.” ( Posted 26 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Energy Sector Is Likely To See Season of Deals: “In the energy sector, 2005 could be a banner year for mergers and acquisitions.”: “…Total and Shell could be possible early movers to make acquisitions…” ( Posted 26 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: UK Lawmakers Turn Sights On Oil Cos' Profits ( Posted 26 Jan 05

Thursday, 27 January 2005

Canadian Press: Shell Canada has best-ever annual profit of $1.29B on sales of $11.29B: “The Canadian subsidiary of the Royal Dutch/Shell group said Thursday that the year's profit gain was "driven by strong commodity prices and refining margins, and a significant contribution from the Athabasca oilsands project." ( 27 Jan 05

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Oil Prices Nudge Back Above $49 a Barrel: “I think OPEC needs to take immediate action,” said Kazunori Yamamoto, senior crude oil general manager at Japan's Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K. ( 27 Jan 05

The Detroit News: GM launches fuel-cell push with more vehicles: Automaker teams with Shell to put up refueling stations along the East Coast. ( 27 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): KPMG wins corporate booby prize: “KPMG, the accountancy and consultancy firm, has won a prize at Davos for "tax and corporate irresponsibility" from Public Eye on Davos, which has been monitoring the forum for six years. Other winners were Shell, for drilling in Nigeria; Dow Chemical, for Bhopal…” ( 27 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Firms ‘ready to delist from US’ over governance rules: “UP TO 60 European companies are ready to drop their US listings, Sir Digby Jones, Director-General of the CBI, said yesterday as he called on America to unravel its stringent laws on corporate governance.”: “There are 113 UK companies with dual listings, including AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and Royal Dutch/Shell.” ( 27 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Oil, Oil, Everywhere… : “The $5 billion (U.S.) Athabasca Oil Sands Project that Shell and ChevronTexaco opened in Alberta last year is now pumping 155,000 barrels per day.” ( 27 Jan 05 Showa Shell Now Expects Fiscal Year Group Net Profit Y2.3 Billion ( 27 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Nigeria: Shuts In 35,000 B/D Oil In Niger Delta: “A statement by Shell on the shutdown says 10 million standard cubic feet a day of natural gas supplied by Shell to the Nigerian Gas Company and industries in Aba has also been affected.” ( Posted 27 Jan 05

Friends of the Earth: Shell Wins Award in Davos: “…the first ever Public Eye Award for Irresponsible Environmental Behaviour…”: “Whether it's the shame of its behaviour in Nigeria or the humiliation of over estimating its oil reserves, Shell is a company we can rely on for a good scandal. Shell has shown time and time again that it will get away with as much as it can - it's time we stop trusting Shell to do the right thing and make it legally accountable for its actions" ( Posted 27 Jan 05 "Shell blames problems for delay": ILNA: “…Iran will fine the oil giant Shell for the delay in implementing projects to develop Soroush and Norouz oilfields.” ( Posted 27 Jan 05

LAWFUEL - The Law News Network: SPEECH AT THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE BY MR WILLIAM H. DONALDSON, CHAIRMAN OF THE US SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION: “For the past few years, much of the media coverage of business has revolved around financial scandals at some prominent, once-respected companies. You all know the list”: “Enron, WorldCom…”: “Over the past 18 months, we have seen many non-U.S. companies… Parmalat… Hollinger… Royal Dutch Shell… and others – accused of managerial fraud, accounting irregularities and other governance abuses.” ( Posted 27 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: ANALYSTS RAISE QUESTIONS OVER POSSIBLE TAX COSTS To hear senior executives at Royal Dutch/Shell tell it, the plan to combine their Dutch and British holding companies has been met with universal approval, writes James Boxell. "Given the cost, complexity, index-buying pressure, uncertainty and continued dual-share structure raised by the proposal to create a new holding company, which we do not see adding value per se, Royal Dutch and Shell Transport shareholders should consider very carefully whether this transaction is actually what they want…" ( Posted 27 Jan 05

The Independent (UK): Shell boss warns of global warming `disaster': “He insisted last night that it was not up to the likes of Shell to reform their behaviour and reduce their supply of fossil fuels.” ( Posted 27 Jan 05 Shell executive: Climate needs shift from oil: Governments, with public support, need to make the change: “Oxburgh’s remarks earned Shell a backhanded comment from the executive director of Greenpeace UK, Stephen Tindale, who described the company as “the least unprogressive of the oil majors” on climate change.” ( Posted 27 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH: City briefs: Shell view: “Lord Oxburgh… UK chairman of Shell, said… "developed countries must shoulder responsibility for rectifying some of the environmental damage that they have inadvertently done when developing their own economies in the last century".  ( Posted 27 Jan 05

AFX Europe (Focus); DAVOS Critics brand Shell, Dow Chemicals, KPMG, Wal-Mart as 'irresponsible': Critics of globalisation have rounded on the "irresponsible" conduct of four top companies including the oil giant Shell…“ ( Posted 27 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): BP threatened with windfall tax: “Mr O'Neill threatened tougher regulation to prevent possible abuses by the five top gas producers who share 60% of the market. He asked why major producers such as BP, Shell and ExxonMobil believed they should be treated with kid gloves when it came to offshore controls. "Is it because you are multinational companies that [you think you] are bigger than the government?" he said.” ( Posted 27 Jan 05

DAILY TELEGRAPH: Oil firms 'must help poor pay their fuel bills': “Some of the money needed should come from the exceptional profits that these companies – including Shell, BP, Exxon, Centrica – are making…” ( Posted 27 Jan 05

Friday, 28 January 2005

Yahoo! Business News: Shell declines comment on Williams bid talk: “Dealers said the rumours are credible and sensible for Shell which has been hard pressed to boost oil and gas reserves following a series of reserves downgrades last year.” ( 28 Jan 05 Will Shell sink or swim? Scandals, firings, fines and angry shareholders – it's been a tough year at Royal Dutch/Shell. As the energy giant prepares to make the Netherlands its world headquarters, Jennifer Hamm takes a look at the challenges the company will face in 2005. ( 28 Jan 05

The Independent (UK): Outlook: Surely not, Shell: “…one of the more fiendish rumours to have been circulating in the markets of late is that Royal Dutch/Shell and Total of France are contemplating a giant oil merger.”: “A combination of Total and Shell would be in a different league again, creating a business worth pounds 180bn and unseating Exxon-Mobil as the world's biggest oil company.”: “Shell is braced for seismic change enough as it gets ready to ditch 100 years of tradition along with its dual board and twin-listing and embrace the Anglo-Saxon model. Could it really handle an infusion of Gallic blood so soon after?”: “…don't underestimate French ambition…” ( 28 Jan 05

MetroNews: Shell Canada Completes Repairs at Oil Sands Plant ( Posted 28 Jan 05

Lloyds List: Amazing year of legal lows and handling highs for Rotterdam: “Further bad news hit the port in November when oil majors Shell, ExxonMobil, Kuwait Petroleum and BP-Texaco (Nerefeco) initiated legal proceedings which may result in a € 300m charge for the port authority.” ( 28 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Wrong target: “It’s not the first time the FSA has punished the victims of market abuse. The £17 million fine slapped on Shell for misleading the market over oil reserves just added to the pain of the shareholders, the very people hurt by the scandal.”: “The FSA believes that in such cases it is up to shareholders, seeing the fines, to call the directors to account and make sure they share the pain through their pay packets. It seems an awfully elaborate way of punishing the wrongdoers. There is nothing to stop the FSA targeting directors directly. It has the necessary powers and should use them.” ( 28 Jan 05

Bangkok Post (Thailand): New tool for companies to prepare for disasters: “Some multinational corporations, such as Shell, have scenario development departments.” ( 28 Jan 05

Saturday, 29 January 2005

The Guardian (UK): We like... ... bluer than blue chips: “This year could restore confidence in Shell, as the group's new structure and management ethics persuade fund managers to buy.” ( 29 Jan 05 Shell bid rumours worry: “The FTSE 100 is lower, with talk of a Shell bid for US gas company Williams causing concern as a flurry of takeover speculation hits the market” ( Posted 29 Jan 05

Business Wire: Shell Chemical's David Scharer Honored With SDA Distinguished Service Award ( Posted 29 Jan 05

London Evening Standard: War in Iran 'would dent world economy': “Iran pumps around 4m barrels of oil a day and Shell has operations in the Islamic state.” ( Posted 28 Jan 05

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: LI Congressman Latest To Oppose Planned LNG Terminal: “The terminal by Shell Oil (SC) and Canada Gas would be built by Broadwater Energy of Houston.” ( Posted 29 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Deal is reached over disputed stake in project: “A consortium of companies led by Italy’s Eni and consisting of ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, ConocoPhillips and Total - all stakeholders in Kashagan - had agreed to buy BG Group’s 16.7 per cent share for $1.23bn.” ( 29 Jan05 Delta Assembly Probes Shell's Planned Relocation to P-Harcourt ( Posted 29 Jan 05

Sunday, 30 January 2005

Scotland On Sunday: Exxon Mobil to overhaul Ford with largest ever profit at £12.8bn: “Rival Shell will also unveil record profits this week, at $17.6bn. But the City will be focusing on the troubled company’s proven oil reserves - which are expected to be downgraded by a further billion barrels.” ( 30 Jan 05

THE SCOTSMAN: Shell to Announce Record Profits: “Shell will this week announce record profits after sky-high crude oil prices lifted its results performance during an otherwise troubled year.”: “Shell is expected to use Thursday’s results announcement to update investors on developments with its restructuring and on whether it will have to reclassify its reserves for the fifth time after auditors called into question the status of 900 million barrels of oil and gas stocks.” ( 30 Jan 05

Mail on Sunday: Oil giants to face fury over £19bn profits: “On Thursday, Shell is expected to reveal that it made £5.5bn last year - up £1bn on 2003.”: “The news, while delighting shareholders, is bound to anger motorists, who are paying near record prices at the pumps.”: “Meanwhile, Shell is expected to make yet another downgrade to its estimated oil and gas reserves.” ( 30 Jan 05

THE BUSINESS (EU): Shell rethink expected to boost shares: “…a cold snap in the US and uncertainty in Iraq have conspired to keep the price of a barrel of oil around the $50 level and provided support for Shell. Old takeover stories have also been regurgitated with perennial favourite Total of France mooted to be considering a cash offer.” ( 30/31 Jan 05

THE BUSINESS (EU): ExxonMobil beats world record with $24bn profit: “Anglo-Dutch group Shell also reports this week, with the stock markets attention focused on further downgrades to its proven reserves of oil and gas, rather than profits.” ( 30/31 Jan 05

The Observer (UK): Shock, stock and a few smoking barrels: “Shell has been in the doghouse in much the same way as BP was.”: “Shell should not eschew the possibility of a tie-up with Total.” ( 30 Jan 05

The Observer (UK): Shell to make history with $18bn profit: “Despite last year being the Anglo-Dutch group's 'annus horribilis', thanks to the reserve downgrades scandal, it is expected to report its best-ever results.”: “The pre-tax profit figure will be even larger - up to $32bn…” ( 30 Jan 05

THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK): New chief will strike gold at Shell if his 100 per cent pay rise gets approval: “Analysts predict a similar downgrade this week, after completion of the fieldwork for the audit. But the company would not guarantee there would be no more downgrades subsequently. Shell suffered the humiliation last year of having to reclassify a fifth of its "proven" oil and gas reserves as "probable" after initial reviews. The crisis forced the company to bow to demands from shareholders to scrap its Anglo-Dutch dual board structure.” ( 30 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (UK): Shell profits set to gush to record high: Shell, the beleaguered oil giant, is set to report record profits this week on the back of exceptionally strong crude prices.: “Jeroen van der Veer, Shell's new chief executive, is also expected to announce that the company will have to make a further cut in its proven oil and gas reserves of at least 900m barrels of oil. This is on top of the estimated 4.5bn barrels that Shell has admitted it overstated last year.” ( 30 Jan 05

SUNDAY HERALD (UK): Shell pins hopes on profit surge to restore image: “Shell’s image has been tarnished in recent months with hefty fines following regulatory inquiries into its estimates of oil and gas reserves. There are also uncertainties over the proposed Royal Dutch merger.”: “And like Humpty Dumpty, it could be heading for a great fall unless it gets it right on February 3.” ( 30 Jan 05

SUNDAY TELEGRAPH (UK): Shell and BP miss out in Libyan oil auction: “British oil and gas companies have been trounced by their US rivals in one of the most important auctions of energy reserves for decades.”: “Both BP and Royal Dutch/Shell had been given the green light to bid in the auction but neither company was among the winners. Shell, which signed a landmark agreement with Libya last March, has a particularly urgent need to boost its oil and gas reserves, after its shock admission last year that it had overbooked its proven reserves by more than 25 per cent.” ( 30 Jan 05

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): Shell oil chief defects to the green lobby: “THE outgoing chairman of Shell has announced he wants to take up a post with a climate-change charity when he quits the oil giant later this year…”: Lord Oxburgh is so concerned at the potential destruction from global warming that he wants to devote more of his time to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the use of fossil fuels. The move is likely to cause some embarrassment at Shell, one of the biggest oil and gas producers in the world.” ( 30 Jan 05

Daily Mail (UK): Shell clams up over $9bn bid rumours: “Shell was engulfed in speculation that it plans to bid for $9bn rival Williams. With gallons of cash in its tanks - and with a need to generate some momentum after a miserable year - analysts think this could be a likely buy for the beleaguered beast.” ( Posted 30 Jan 04

Monday, 31 January 2005

ChannelNewsAsia: Shell, Caltex Masters tournament raise funds for tsunami victims: “Petrol company Shell has raised more than S$718,000 in donations for the Singapore Red Cross to help tsunami victims. The money was raised from a 5-cent donation from every litre of petrol and diesel it sold for a week. ( 31 Jan 05

BLOOMBERG: BP, European Energy Stocks May Regain Lead on Earnings Outlook: “Shell's fourth-quarter net income probably more than doubled to $4.91 billion, according to the median estimate of seven analysts surveyed by Bloomberg News.” ( 31 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: US groups win Libyan oil exploration permits: BP and Royal Dutch/Shell Group also missed out. ( 31 Jan 05

FINANCIAL TIMES: Exxon likely to buck trend with boost to reserves: “Royal Dutch/Shell, which will report last year's earnings on Thursday, may have replaced just 40-60 per cent of its reserves last year, according to analysts' estimates.” ( 31 Jan 05

THE LONDON TIMES: Need to Know: Global Business Briefing: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the Anglo-Dutch oil giant, will report its fourth-quarter results on Thursday. Analysts predict pre-tax profits of $17.4 billion (£9 billion) for the year, from $11.2 billion a year earlier.” ( 31 Jan 05

The Guardian (UK): Record profits put oil firms on tax alert: “Martin O'Neill, chairman of the powerful trade and industry select committee, raised the spectre of a fresh tax when he told Shell executives giving evidence on fuel prices that "Shell's profits are beyond the dreams of avarice." ( 31 Jan 05

BBC NEWS: Shell profits 'to top UK record': Shell has been bidding to rebuild investor confidence: “Oil giant Shell is this week reportedly set to announce the largest profit in UK corporate history on the back of record oil prices.”: “So far it has cut its reserves estimates by 4.47bn barrels. A further 900m barrels of reserves are said to be "under consideration". ( 31 Jan 05  Is It Time For A Corporate Death Penalty Act?: “In his history of Shell Oil Company, Riding the Dragon: Royal Dutch Shell & the Fossil Fire, Jack Doyle documents hundreds of cases of human rights violations, pollution, injury and death caused by the company and its leaders” ( Posted 31 Jan 05


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