Royal Dutch Shell Group .com Leaked Shell internal email from Tom Botts, Executive Vice President-Europe, Shell International Exploration & Production: Posted Tuesday 15 November 2005


The Shell internal email below was circulated on behalf of Mr Tom Botts, Executive Vice President-Europe, Shell International Exploration & Production, on 25 October 2005.


To protect the source, certain features of the email have been deleted and some amendments made without changing the basic content. This process has been carried out by


The “Malcolm” referred to in the email is Malcolm Brinded, the Executive Director of Shell Exploration & Production Executive Director (and an Executive Director of Royal Dutch Shell plc).


From: Poepaart, Esther SIEP-EPE-S-B On Behalf Of Botts, Tom M SIEP-EPE

Sent: 25 October 2005

To: (Circulation List Removed by

Subject: Invitation to Focus Groups


Dear Colleague


As you are likely aware Malcolm and the EP Leadership team are engaged in ongoing discussions about how we can improve organizational performance specifically in support of achieving the EP Roadmap objectives. To help broaden the discussion we would like to engage key leaders in the organization in this dialog. Therefore Malcolm has asked EPLF members to hold engagement sessions in their respective regions to surface specific ideas about how we could better ensure our success.


You will be invited to attend a ninety minute focus group discussions we are convening next week to address the specific questions:  "What is getting in the way of our achieving the EP Roadmap objectives and specifically what do we as leaders in EP need to do to clear the way to achieving these goals?"  


The material is being gathered both for the knowledge of the EP Leadership team who will be meeting offsite early December and as input to a design team that Malcolm has commissioned led by Raoul Restucci which will be framing up the next EPLF session now slated for February, 2006.


We are holding four sessions in EPE:


Tuesday 1st November in Aberdeen

Hosted by Kieron McFadyen

10.00 - 11.30 (GMT)

Location: tbc


Thursday 3rd November in Norway

Hosted by Johan Nic Vold

13.00 - 14.30 (CET)

Location: tbc


Thursday 3rd November in The Hague

Hosted by Tom Botts

15.00 - 16.30 (CET)

Location: tbc


Assen session to be confirmed shortly.




In preparation for this session please review the EP Roadmap slides and come prepared to offer concrete examples of what is getting in your way and ideas about what we could do to eliminate these barriers.


Thank you in advance for your participation.






* will publish the “Road Map” document this weekend.


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